South Carolina Equestrian Ministries

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Our Fellowships

South Carolina Equestrian Ministries (SCEM) Officers are: 

Frank Chappell, President

Nancy Smith, Vice President

Sylvia Roper, Secretary and Treasurer

Larry Johnson, Website Administrator

-- e-mail @

Wanda Wood, Facebook Administrator and SCHC Liaison


                       -- INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIPS --  


White Horse Equestrian Ministry (WHEM)

 Contact Roxie Williamson at


Great Adventure Fellowship of the Camden to Myrtle Beach area has a Website and Facebook page you can visit and are currently our most active fellowship.

Email Johnny Stokes at jfstokesjr@bellsouth.nets for more information.

Officers are:

Johnny Stokes, President

Lori Smith, Secretary/Treasurer 


Grace Riders of the Upstate area use the SCEM Website and Facebook pages for communication and are very active.

Email Nancy Smith at for more information.

Officers are:

Nancy Smith, President

Linda Ross, Vice President 

Sylvia Roper, Secretary

Deborah Chappell, Treasurer


Faith Riders of the Aiken area has a Website and Facebook page you can visit and currently refer to SCEM officers . 

Email Cindy Ray for more information.


Equestrian Ministries Saddle Club of the York County area has an Website you can visit and currently refer to SCEM officers.

Email Wanda Wood at for more information


Contact us to discuss starting a fellowship in your area if we don't already have one!